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WordPress not loading CSS outside localhost

Ways to fix localhost install of WordPress so that it displays correctly when accesing from outside localhost


How to quickly install WordPress in Debian Stretch

Quick guide to installing WordPress in Debian Stretch

How to: Write to a Text File in C# using StreamWriter

Quick guide to use the StreamWriter class to write text data to files.

How To: Convert a string to a date in C#

Guide on how to convert a string to a DateTime in C#. Learn how to use the Parse, and ParseExact methods and how they compare to TryParse and TryParse exact.

How to use angular services to share data between components

Angular step by step tutorial on how to share/pass data between non related components using a shared service.

Microsoft Graph with Postman made easy

Learn how to call the Microsoft Graph API using Postman with this quick and easy guide. Let's start by seeing how we can get our Authentication Token using OAuth2, and then lets use it to call the Microsoft Graph APIs.

App registration in Azure AD to do OAuth2 authentication

As a prerequisite to get the authorization token we need to work with authenticate OAuth2 we are required to register an application in Azure AD

A quick review of MX Linux

From time to time I have a look at to find about new Linux distributions. As the┬ápage hit ranking list at proofs, the Linux world is quite dynamic: distributions move up and down in the ranking all the... Continue Reading →

How to fix: No binary for Chrome browser on your platform

How to fix the "No binary for Chrome browser on your platform" error, and get the Karma tests to run in Debian Linux.

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