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Xamarin Android: GUI inspector

Quick guide to use UIAutomatorViewer to inspect the layout of your Xamarin Android application.

How to traverse a binary tree

Quick and simple guide to traverse a BT in C#. Learn how to to a level order traversal, how to count the number of leaves in a BT and more!

Depth first traversal of a Binary Tree

There are various algorithms to do a depth first traversal: Preorder: Root, Left, Right Postorder: Left,Right,Root Inorder: Left, Root, Right We can implement all these traversals quite easily using recursion. Let´s see some examples, but before we start let´s write... Continue Reading →

MongoDB: using find with NumberLong fields

Learn how to query NumberLong fields in MongoDB.

How to find the height of a binary tree

Quick and simple C# tutorial
to the recursive and iterative algorithms used to find the height of a binary tree.

How to shuffle an slide puzzle

Learn how to shuffle an slide puzzle.

C#: How to find all files recursively in a folder

How to recursively search all files following a certain name pattern in a given path using C#.

How to use cleanup code in Visual Studio

Quick guide to Visual Studio 2019 code cleanup feature: automatically apply code styles preferences.

How to shuffle an array

In this post we will see a few different ways to shuffle arrays, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Although the ordering of arrays is a basic part of the syllabus of any introductory computer science course, less... Continue Reading →

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