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January 2017

Installing Swift in Debian Jessie

In this post we will see how to install Swift, the programing language created by Apple, on Linux, concretely in Debian's currently stable release(named Jessie).

Opera Neon: a quick glance.

Opera Neon is the new “concept” browser released by Opera Software. It is not meant as a replacement to the same company “Opera browser”, but as a project to rethink the way browsers should be. The idea of this release is to put this new ideas to test, and hopefully those that prove to be more useful will be included in the Opera's standard browser.

An overview of Antergos Linux (Part II)

Having installed Antergos Linux as described in here I proceeded to play around with the distro, to discover how well would the distribution fare in daily usage.

An overview of Antergos Linux (Part I)

Antergos Linux is an Arch based distribution from Spain that offers the unexperienced Linux users a friendly introduction to Arch Linux, maintaining all the charm of its father distribution, something that the most experienced power users will surely appreciate

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