Sometime the silliest problems make us loose an unexpected amount of time: for example this very silly issue with Visual Studio that I encountered some time ago:

Skipped deploy, Project not selected to build for this solution configuration.

Today was the turn of one of my colleagues to be temporarily baffled by another unexpected behavior in Visual Studio: he could not debug some of the functions in the code, the debugger was not stopping at the breakpoint.

As in the previous example the solution was quite simple, and the only thing we needed to do was to modify the debugging settings.

1. Go to Tools/Options/debugging/general:
From the tools menu, look for the debuggins settings

2. Disable the “Just my code” option:

Disable Just my Code

3. Enable Use Managed Compatibility mode, and Use Native Compatibility Mode:


After that, we could debug the code without further issues. Here there is an interesting Microsoft’s document about what does “Just My Code” means, and what VS takes into account before decided if a dll is your code, or not.