Last week I cloned from GitHub a new project and when i tried to open it I got  a warning stating that the version of TypeScript being used in the project was not installed in my machine (it also offered to migrate the project to my current version).

Then I realized that I had completely forgotten which version of TypeScript I was currently using in my everyday project: It had been a while since I had set up my development environment, so I could remember which version of Type Script I had actually installed.

My memory went as far as remembering the 2.6 part, but if you check you can see there are various minors releases for Visual Studio 2017.

Luckily enought it is quite easy to find out which version is installed:

Start the Visual Studio Command Prompt. Simply start writing Command Prompt or similar in the search box at the task bar:

Write the follow command:

tsc -v

That’s all 🙂