Before we install android studio we need to check out that we have the oracle’s Java SDK installed. You can check this post about how to install and configure Java in Debian Stretch.

Download Android Studio from (you will need to agree to the license):

license agreement

Next unzip de file to  /usr/local/android-studio. In order to launch android studio you need to run the file located at /usr/local/android-studio/bin, therefore you should create the corresponding desktop launcher.

Now launch android studio: a configuration wizard will appear, and mostly we can simply accept the defaults till the final page.

So we start with the typical introductory screen, just click next:


Select either the default installation setup, or click Custom to change the default settings:


Select an UI theme:


Verify everything is in order, and click next:


Click finish:


Then we wait while the wizard start downloading the required components … and we wait, … and wait, … Zzzzzz, Zzzzzzz. Yes, it takes some time to download the necessary files.


But finally the installation process will end, and you can start by creating your new Android project 🙂