Since gnome 3 is a bit resource intensive for my old machine, when Debian included the gnome 3 in his release I started to look for lighter alternatives. For a long time, back in Debian Jessie, I used Xfce – a great desktop environment. But when I installed Stretch, I decided to try a new desktop environment and installed Mate.

Now, it does not matter which desktop environment you are using: if you are both a Windows/Linux user you are going to go through those little moments of confusion where you can not remember the right key shortcut … or you will probably use the wrong one and stare puzzled at the screen when nothing happens.

remember the right key shortcut
Uhm … again, how it was keyboard shortcut to lock the screen?

So here there are my 3 favorite MATE shortcuts:

Minimize all windows

Ctrl + Alt + d

This combo is a real lifesaver when I managed to clutter my desktop with what it looks like an insane amount of windows and I cannot find my way around.

Run application

Alt + F2

This combo opens the Run application window. Perfect for when you are feeling lazy, and don want to bother with navigating the menu, just start writing firefox, or whatever it is you want to run and voilà:

Run application window

Take screenshot of the current window

Alt + PrtScr

I mainly use this one when I am writing a manual, and I need to take a capture of the screen to illustrate some point.