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March 2019

A quick review of MX Linux

From time to time I have a look at to find about new Linux distributions. As the page hit ranking list at proofs, the Linux world is quite dynamic: distributions move up and down in the ranking all the... Continue Reading →

How to fix: No binary for Chrome browser on your platform

How to fix the "No binary for Chrome browser on your platform" error, and get the Karma tests to run in Debian Linux.

Communication between Angular components using Subject

In previous post we saw the basics of observables, and the different ways to create observables in Angular 5.  Although that it is an interesting enough topic on its own, what it is really interesting about observables are the practical... Continue Reading →

Understanding Angular modules: quick guide

Quick guide to understand Angular modules, and how to use them. how we create a module? Why do we need them, what are the exports, declarations, providers, imports, bootstrap properties in the @NgModule?

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