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ASP.NET: Enabling Cross-Origin Requests

A Cross-Origin request blocked  error happens when a web application tries to access resources - like a REST WebApi - that are placed in a different domain.


How to fix: “Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture …”

In a previous post we saw how to create multi-language ASP.NET MVC sites by adding resource files. In this post we´re going to see a common error that may pop up when using resource files in ASP.NET MVC. Could not... Continue Reading →

ASP.NET not picking the right resource file

Let's learn how to work with resources files using ASP.NET, and how to make sure the site loads the right resource file based on the user browser preferences.

Breakpoint not hit in Visual Studio

A trivial, but puzzling occurrence: the day Visual Studio did ignore breakpoints.

Configure Log4Net with ASP.NET MVC

A good logging library is an important addition to our projects: we can use it for testing, and debugging purposes; once a project enters the production stage, it will help us to detect, and troubleshoot anomalous situations. Let's review the steps one has to follow to successfully add logging support to our ASP.Net MVC project using log4net.

ASP.NET MVC: system.web.optimization

A common way to improve the performance of your ASP.NET MVC project is to use Microsoft's web optimization framework to bundle, and minify JavaScript files, and style sheets.

Solving Visual studio’s Skipped Deploy problem

One of the tedious issues that sometimes pop up when using Visual Studio is the "Project not selected to build for this solution configuration" issue. Let's see what causes it, and how to to quickly solve it

Adding Web API Support to an Existing ASP.NET MVC Project

In this post we will see how to add Web API support to an existing MVC project. Sometimes we have a project that started as simple ASP.NET MVC site, maybe even as one single page project, with no more functionality that display some simple information in the screen. As the time goes by new needs arise, new features are requested, and it becomes convenient to develop a Rest API that will be used by the client to query the server for more information.

Converting the Output of a Linq Query to a Dictionary

Converting a Linq result into a C# Dictionary.

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