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How to shuffle an slide puzzle

Learn how to shuffle an slide puzzle.

C#: How to find all files recursively in a folder

How to recursively search all files following a certain name pattern in a given path using C#.

How to use cleanup code in Visual Studio

Quick guide to Visual Studio 2019 code cleanup feature: automatically apply code styles preferences.

How to shuffle an array

In this post we will see a few different ways to shuffle arrays, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Although the ordering of arrays is a basic part of the syllabus of any introductory computer science course, less... Continue Reading →

Tests not running in Visual Studio

Test are showing in the Visual Studio test explorer window, but they are not running: how to solve this issue.

Linq: How to flatten a nested list

How to flatten collections with nested elements using Linq

MongoDB: Select, top,order by and paging

Following with the spirit of the last posts on how to query MongoDB from the perpective of an SQL developer, in this post will see how the concepts of select, top and order by translate into the MongoDB universe. We... Continue Reading →

How to find projects in GitHub that use a certain project or library

As s code repository GitHub has a lot to offer to software developers: it is a place to publish and share our code, a repository from where we can download third party libraries to incorporate to our own solutions, and... Continue Reading →

MongoDB: how to search inside an array

How to query an array in MongoDB. Find how to find an array that contains all specified elements, or at least one of them ...

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