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Linq: How to flatten a nested list

How to flatten collections with nested elements using Linq

MongoDB: Select, top,order by and paging

Following with the spirit of the last posts on how to query MongoDB from the perpective of an SQL developer, in this post will see how the concepts of select, top and order by translate into the MongoDB universe. We... Continue Reading →

How to find projects in GitHub that use a certain project or library

As s code repository GitHub has a lot to offer to software developers: it is a place to publish and share our code, a repository from where we can download third party libraries to incorporate to our own solutions, and... Continue Reading →

MongoDB: how to search inside an array

How to query an array in MongoDB. Find how to find an array that contains all specified elements, or at least one of them ...

How to do a left outer join in Linq

How to do a left outer join in Linq using groupJoin.

MongoDB Sort : how to fix maximum RAM exceeded error

Learn how to fix the "Sort operation used more than the maximum 33554432 bytes of RAM" error when sorting a MongoDB collection.

MongoDB: how to filter a field containing a string

Learn how to build LIKE queries in MongoDB using regular expressions.

Kali Linux

Installing Kali, an specific purpose Linux distribution based on Debian and oriented to security and pen testing.

MongoDB: export a collection to mutiple files

Quick guide to exporting a MongoDD collection into multiple files.

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