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Reasons to use Debian

A quick look at the DistroWatch front page will tell you that there are hundreds of Linux distributions out there to choose from, and although that is a good thing, it also makes it difficult for newcomers to decide which one is the best for them. In this post I will list a short list of points at which Debian excels.

Installing FreeBSD 11

Having played for a while with TrueOS, a desktop oriented FreeBSD based distribution, I have decided to try the original FreeBSD system: I intend to use it as a FAMP testing server for some projects. The first step is, of course, installing FreeBSD: I am happy to say that for a system with a slightly intimidating reputation, the installation process has gone like a breeze: quick, and easy.

TrueOS 12: a review

A peek into TrueOS 12, a FreeBSD based system, that aims to provide and easy to use desktop operative system.

Swift 3 on Linux: software development

Is Swift viable in Linux? what kind of applications could I build? In order to provide some insights on those questions, I decided to start building a simple program: a REST client that would send data to an Azure based mobile service.

Installing TrueOS: FreeBSD for your desktop

TrueOS is a FreeBSD based desktop-oriented operating system. Fully compatible with the underlying FreeBSD system it combines the power, stability, and security of the former with an easy to use installer that allows the unexperienced user to set up the system in no time.

Installing Swift in Debian Jessie

In this post we will see how to install Swift, the programing language created by Apple, on Linux, concretely in Debian's currently stable release(named Jessie).

An overview of Antergos Linux (Part II)

Having installed Antergos Linux as described in here I proceeded to play around with the distro, to discover how well would the distribution fare in daily usage.

An overview of Antergos Linux (Part I)

Antergos Linux is an Arch based distribution from Spain that offers the unexperienced Linux users a friendly introduction to Arch Linux, maintaining all the charm of its father distribution, something that the most experienced power users will surely appreciate

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